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Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Pre-Cal 40S Wiki Solutions Manual


This wiki is now closed. It is open for viewing only.

Note: All solutions have been generated by students and have not been "corrected." Some of them are correct and some are not. It is up to the reader to verify the accuracy of any solution found on these pages.


This is a place for students to help each other learn by writing a collaborative solutions manual! This counts for marks. You must make at least two edits/contributions to the wiki. One must be a significant contribution and the other must be a constructive modification. Here is what you have to do:


A Significant Contribution means ....


you completely solve a problem including a detailed annotation of the steps involved. You may want to look at an example.


You may have another idea for a significant contribution to the wiki. I'm open to your suggestions. Talk to me and make a suggestion. If we both agree that it would fall under this category then go ahead. Be creative with this; I'd really love to hear your ideas.


A Constructive Modification means ...

you edit someone elses work, not your own. You might correct a significant error or several small errors. Maybe you want to reorganize a page or the navigation from this home page. Maybe you want to edit someone else's entry, not for content, but for the way it's written such as by adding some meaningful colour or graphics. The main idea here is to move this project forward in some constructive way. Again, be creative with this.


How this works....


In the table at the right you'll find a list of links to the various units that we study in this course.


I've posted a couple interesting problems and a couple of basic skills questions for you to solve in each unit. In solving these problems you'll need to use all of the skills we've learned in class. Generally speaking, these questions will require you to review the entire unit; you'll also find a couple of questions that have been poorly done on previous examinations. Solving them here, in a low pressure environment, will help prepare you to ace your tests and the final exam!


Solving the problems is only half the challenge! You also have to explain the steps you took to do so, including:


  • all calculations done. They should be annotated so that another student who missed class the day the material was taught will be able to replicate your work.
  • what do the numbers mean? Interpret the results in light of the problem given (where appropriate).


Take advantage of the tremendous learning and studying opportunities available to you here. Let's work together on this folks!



A Word of Advice....


Don't be overly concerned about how to wiki; it's easy. If you can use a wordprocessor you can wiki. When you click on the "Edit this page" link at the top left corner of any page a text window will open allowing you to modify the page. (Of course, you'll have to know the password to login.) You'll also find a list of buttons just above the editing window you can use to modify text in the wiki. You can also get help using the links you'll find on the right hand side of the editing winidow such as Style Help. You also may want to explore the links below.


Learn Hard!!

Mr. Kuropatwa



Learn more about this wiki ...





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Anonymous said

at 11:23 pm on Jun 4, 2006

well i'm leaving this comment for the problem 3 of 3. I think the first thing you need to do is to determine the population of the colony before Dr. Mc Coy treats the colony with an agent that slows the colony's rate growth which is after 4 hours since the beginning of the experiment (I got 2560 for that) .starting from this new colony population, you need to determine how long it will take the size of the colony to reach 12600 (thats from 2560 to 12600 because the question is asking how long after the treatment will the size reach 12600). using your formula, you can make A=12600(final amount), Ao=2560(initial amount), m=1.2(growth rate of 20% per period) and p=12(3 times the original period to reach your growth rate and this is much easier than determining the new growth rate). now the missing value is t or time. using those value in the equation, you can now get the time. In my answer, I got 105.93 hours long it took the colony to reach 12600 population after the treatment. sorry for not asking you permission about my constructive modification, its just about 30 minutes before the deadline so I need to just leave this as a comment.

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