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Learning Objectives


Problem 1 of 3


Find the sum of the infinite series







Problem 2 of 3


The second term of a geometric sequence is 5. The sixth term is 80. Find the value of the twentieth term.







Problem 3 of 3


The table below shows the population of Small Town Manitoba over a 5-year period.

2001 600
2002 1 200
2003 2 400

(a) Determine the equation that models population as an exponential function of the number of years since 1998.



(b) Use the equation to determine the predicted population in 2008.



(c) The yearly popultion figures for Small Town form a geometric sequence. Which term of the sequence would yield the predicted population for 2008?



(d) Use the formula tn = ar(n – 1), to find the predicted population for Small Town in 2008.




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